Drive down any street in America and one cannot help but see the “franchise explosion” that has taken place.  In strip malls and shopping centers across the country, smaller “main street” businesses have been replaced by the hundreds of franchises now available in the marketplace.  Franchises, with their established operating and support systems, along with the availability of financing, are proven business concepts that have stood the test of time

On occasion, a prospective business buyer will contact us without a clear idea of what kind of business they would like.  Purchasing a franchise through Corporate Investment can be a great solution.  As franchise buying consultants, we help buyers explore the option of either starting-up a franchise, or purchasing an existing one.

We work as business brokers and franchise intermediaries throughout the Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, and Baltimore areas.  In addition, we also have extensive relationships with established franchisors and franchisees and are often contacted to help sell existing franchised businesses.

Corporate Investment is sought out by franchisors as new concepts enter the market.  We work with many national retail, service and home based franchises.  Our individualized approach is designed to help a prospective buyer make an intelligent and informed decision as to whether a startup, or franchise re-sale, is best suited for their goals and lifestyle.  Once a decision is made, we assist with all aspects of the transaction including obtaining financing, and site location.  Obtaining financing is often easier with an existing franchise than with start-ups in general, and much easier in the case of a franchise re-sale.

If you are interested in exploring the possibility of purchasing a new or existing franchise please e-mail or call 301-572-6000.

For more information about purchasing a business, please  contact us by e-mail, or call 301-572-6000.